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Full Swing 1: Make your most efficient golf swing with ease. With a simple form, you will develop a repeatable and naturally powerful swing that you can rely on.

We will cover:            Setup: grip, posture, balance
                                  Body Motion: staying balanced and moving freely
                                  Club Motion: hinge, impact, finish

Skill building:             Contact drill through the bag
Games:                      531 target drill with wedge, iron and driver

Full swing 2: Become a shot maker. You will learn to use speed, contact, and face angle to create the shot you need and quickly correct your flight when it goes wrong. You will elevate your execution through skill building and tracking progress.

We will cover:            Club at impact
                                  Effects of speed contact, face angle, and path
                                  Get target focused and swing with one motion.
                                  Recognize your error and correct it fast.
                                  How does equipment affect ability?

Skill building:             Hitting 3 shot shapes
                                  Choose your height
                                  Choose your stock shot

Games:                      Tic tac toe
                                   Points game
                                   Virtual golf

Pitching and Chipping: These skills are the least practiced by most golfers. Master shots around the green to save strokes on the course. If you want to lower scores, this course will likely be the most important.

We will cover:            Simple chipping and pitching form.
                                  Understanding bounce, contact, and spin
                                  Wedge selection

Skill building:             Pitching: distance control from 20 yards to full swing
                                  Chipping: train your control around the green

Games:                     Scored short, middle, and far.
                                  Target drill 5 balls.

Putting: Focus on execution. We'll make sure you’re training the skills you need to putt and play with confidence.               

We will cover:             Putting form
                                   Philosophy of intention and action; where putting goes wrong
                                   Train your execution and trust your skill

Skill building:             3-5 foot drill 10 in a row
                                  10,20,30,40,50 drill
                                  Routine at 10 feet

Games:                     Scored test: 3-5 ft out of ten
                                  Within club length 10-50
                                  7s adjusted to ability

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