2016 Interbay Club-Fitting

Custom Fitting Services

Component Fitting Services (30 min.) - $20

  • Driver Optimization Session
    • ​Can be refit for existing adjustable driver or when preferred driver is already chosen for fitting. 
    • Shaft flex and weight analysis based on ball flight on Foresight CG2 Launch Monitor. 
    • Loft and CG optimization for maximized driver performance. 
    • Fitting report
  • Club Specification Session
    • Can be used to check specs and performance of existing irons or used wen preferred Iron model is already selected. 
    • Shaft Flex and weight analysis with Mizuno Shaft Optimizer
    • Length, Lie assessment
    • Set makeup recommendation based on Foresight CG2 Launch Monitor data
    • Fitting report
  • Wedge Gap Fitting
    • ​Detailed analysis of Gaps PW - LW
    • Recommendation of appropriate lofts and bounce to maximize short game performance
  • Hybrid and Fairway wood Gap Fitting
    • ​Detailed analysis of Gaps 3w-longest Iron played
    • Recommendation of hybrid and fairway set makeup for optimum long game performance

Advanced Driver & Iron Fitting Session (1 Hour) - $50 

  • Interview and bag assessment
  • Fit to club head, shaft, length, lie and loft
    • ​Shaft assessment with the Mizuno shaft optimizer
  • Data collection and analysis with Foresight CG2 Launch Monitor.
  • Detailed Club Comparison and Optimum recommendation
  • Club fitting report



Andrew Soderberg - Club Fitting Specialist

Nicholas Burrington - Club Fitting Specialist